In two days 09 and 10/03/2015, in Hanoi, the Ministry of Transport Conference Task Force 3rd building strategic plan 2016-2025 ASEAN transport. Attending the meeting were representatives of 10 countries in ASEAN and the ASEAN Secretariat representative. Conference by Mr. Mustapha Zainuddin, Director in charge of transport and logistics ground, the Ministry of Transport Malaysia as chairman. Deputy Minister of Transport Vietnam Nguyen Ngoc Dong attended and welcome speech.

In two previous meetings, Task Force has developed a vision of Transport Cooperation for the period after 2015, which is "Towards the ASEAN Transport network connection with a broader, more efficient, more integrated, safer more sustainable and to enhance the competitiveness of ASEAN and promoting growth, sustainable development in the region. " At the same time, the Task Force also agreed on the name of the ASEAN Strategic Plan of the next stage is the "Strategic Planning of Transport Kuala Lumpur (ASEAN Strategic Plan of Transportation) 2016-2025. Outline of the Plan, the strategic objectives, the motivation for development were also discussed and agreed on five areas of cooperation as air transport, sea transport, land transport, creating convenient transport and sustainable transportation.

At the third Conference, Task Force will focus on discussing the objectives and actions of each area of ​​cooperation and completion timelines. On this basis, the Task Force will report to the Conference of the content of ASEAN senior officials of Transport (STOM) 39th (scheduled to be held in Malaysia in October 5/2015) to review and complete the plan before the strategy adopted at the Ministerial Conference of ASEAN Transport Ministers (ATM) 21 th (scheduled to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in May 11/2015).

Some information about the Task Force Strategic Plan 2016-2025 ASEAN Transport

ASEAN Strategic Transport Plan 2011-2015 (also known as the Brunei Action Plan), together with the Master Plan for building the ASEAN Economic Community is the most important document, the orientation of co-operation and integration of ASEAN transport sector today. Because both of these documents expire in 2015, implementing the guidance of the senior leaders of ASEAN, 19 ATM Conference held in Laos in 2013, the ASEAN Transport Ministers tasked officials ASEAN Senior Transport visioning Transport cooperation after 2015 and a strategic plan the next stage of Transportation. The ministers also agreed to establish task force to assist the senior official in performing this task. Task Force held its first meeting in May 6/2014 in Myanmar and the second meeting in May 9/2014 at the headquarters of the ASEAN Secretariat, Jakarta - Indonesia.