Over 10 years of experience in the logistics industry, A.N.T SHIPPING has been completing Vietnam Customs Declaration efficiently and quickly for many shipments applying to each type of customs procedures:

- Trading import and export of goods

- Temporary import for re-export of goods, Temporary export for re-import of goods

- Entrustment and entrustment receipt in importing and exporting goods

- Processing of goods

- Manufacturing of goods for export

- Border-gate transfer of goods; Transit Of Goods Through Vietnamese Territory

For many types of goods under Vietnam Government control such as: Ministry of Industry and Trade: chemical, gas (nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, argon), tower crane…; Ministry of Transport: excavator, heavy truck, car..; Ministry of Information and Communications: newspaper, books..; Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development: frozen chicken leg, frozen fish, frozen squid, flower bulb, fertilizer; Ministry of Health: Foods, Cosmetic; Ministry of Construction: Clear Float Glass, granite, glaze vitrified porcelain;…